The Shelburne Museum celebrates American history, art, and design. Visiting the museum is a unique experience, with over 39 buildings, 22 gardens, and over 100,000 artifacts to explore. 
This app concept was created in collaboration with Addie Laprey and in conjunction with the Shelburne Museum Development staff. 
Once you arrive, Posters in the gift shop will prompt you to download the app. 
Throughout your visit, keep track of pieces you are interested in learning more about by scanning the heart icon on the wall-plaque 
After your visit, Look through the digital collection to reflect on pieces you wish to gain a deeper understanding of.
Learn more about your favorite artworks by viewing in depth content not available on the wall plaques. 
Favorite pieces you would like to check out next time you visit.
Participate in dialogue with museum staff directly through a Q&A forum
Postings are generated by guides, curators, and staff members who are well versed in the topic. This initiative would work hand in hand with the education team. 
Explore previous comments and posts to gain more insight into the piece.
“User testing by Culture Connect and the Mississippi Museum of Art revealed that even if visitors choose not to comment, they often enjoy reading the comments of others, particularly if a curator responds!”
Your profile provides a space to plan and look forward to your next museum visit. 
Use your profile to keep track of the pieces you want to see next by favoriting them
RSVP to upcoming events and exhibition openings
Become a member and make donations directly through the app

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