Hi, I'm Isa!
A passionate, dog-obsessed, multidimensional designer
If you're here, that hopefully means you'd like to learn a little more about me! The first thing you need to know is that I have an amazing dog named Luna. I grew up in Boston, MA and I am a queer, non-binary, Puerto Rican. I acknowledge that I am currently residing on Abenaki land. I graduated from Champlain College's Visual Communications program with a minor in Environmental Studies and am passionate about the connections between ecology, culture, queerness, and creativity. Currently, I am educating myself in the topics of  intersectional environmentalism, participatory design, design for accessibility and UX/UI.
A lot of my career has been spent putting in work for organizations that align with my own values, which so far have all been non-profits. Non-profit work has awakened a passion in me to design for social and environmental impact. When an organization is supported by a compelling visual language, they are able to reach more people. My hope is to help support, elevate, and amplify the good work that so many organizations are already doing. Whether it is through print, digital, spatial, or environmental design, I am capable in and interested in it all!
My aim is to be an interdisciplinary designer. In terms of the work I do, my creativity is always informed by research. I pride myself on staying curious. I appreciate outside perspectives and deeply value diversity. As a visual designer, I feel it is my responsibility to utilize my skills as an agent of change. My motto is “design with intention.”
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