The mission of Self-eSTEM is to is to ignite pride, purpose, and possibility among BIPOC girls and women through STEM by providing: culturally relevant education, training & mentorship, and access to a network of support to fuel their personal and professional development throughout the talent pipeline.
Self-eSTEM envisions a world where girls and women of color are recognized, respected, and valued as STEM innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, driving global solutions that enhance life outcomes and improve the quality of life for their families and communities.
For this project Idea2Form partnered with the Self-eSTEM executive board, led by Founding Executive Director, Adamaka Ajaelo. I worked as lead visual designer on this project, developing the brand from conception to transfer. Self-eSTEM was founded in 2014, inspired by a career where Adamaka felt discouraged, isolated, and unsupported. She wanted to shift this narrative for young girls by providing empowerment, resources, and the support required to succeed in STEM education and careers. As designer, I wanted to make sure this brand carried out the vibrancy of Adamaka's dedication to this community. I also wanted to make sure that the brand would be evergreen and connect with women and girls from a young age to young professional adults. 
- How do we highlight the causes and effects of structural issues on BIPOC girls and women?
- How do we generate interest in the three program offerings?
- How do we streamline the information being shared with the Self-eSTEM audience?
- How do we help attract investors and partners to financially solidify the organization to increase the lifespan of the program and for Adamaka to focus on its evolution full-time?
- Generated an organizational strategy to solidify the mission, vision, values, and core strategies
- Developed a brand strategy and new visual identity that more clearly expresses who Self-eSTEM are
- Created an accessible website that attracts more BIPOC girls and women in STEM
- Established a communications strategy and social media campaign support to ensure the new look and feel and future initiatives are seen, clearly articulated, and engaged with
- Designed marketing materials such as an investors presentation and storytelling decks to increase fundraising opportunities
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