These photos were taken by the talented Alessandra Lucette. The concept behind this shoot was inspired by the models themselves. Ines and Zack have grown up in the restaurant industry. Both of their parents own their own restaurants in Boston and Brookline, MA to Tallahassee, FL. Being raised in this environment has given them a deep appreciation for food, how it's made, and where it comes from. Ines and Zack have been in a relationship for over two years, meeting at the restaurant they work at, Hen of the Wood, one of the only fine dining restaurants in Burlington, VT. Since then, they have prided themselves on a diet now sweeping popular media called "Locavore" meaning they only eat local food. This diet is environmentally conscious and has similar goals to vegans and vegetarians. Locavores support the local economy by buying food from local farms. This also reduces the travel distance the food has to make from farm to table cutting down on overall carbon emissions. Ines's favorite spice is Turmeric which was used as actual face makeup. Root vegetables are some of their favorite to cook and are prevalent in the VT region. This shoot was done using local produce and shows how their love of food has brought them together and lies at the core of their blooming relationship.
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