The Decolonizing Wealth Project was an opportunity for me to jump into an existing brand, help to elevate its mission, and evolve with the hopes and dreams of the organization. For this client I served as Lead Visual Designer, strategizing on social media campaigns, creating branding for conferences and virtual summits, and highlighting initiatives, funds, and the plethora of subbrands that Decolonizing Wealth houses within their parent organization. 
DWP is on a mission to bring forth truth, reconciliation, and the healing of our global family from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and storytelling. The design challenge was to develop an authentic brand and communications strategy that reflected the powerful philosophy, vision, and impact of Edgar Villanueva, DWP and Liberated Capital
Our collaborative approach centered DWP’s foundation in indigenous wisdom to create a clear brand identity that communicated their unique paradigm through strong visuals and engaging language. 
Components included:
a full website design
a printed journal
branded social media content
pitch decks 
The founder of Decolonizing Wealth Project, Edgar Villanueva, expressed his vision to create a guided journal for self-reflection geared towards individuals interested in decolonizing their relationship with money. 
Project credits: Tomas Alvarez III, Lexx Valdez,  Alejandro Michell, Rey Robles, Idris Agüero, Mar Trava, Edith Cauich, Danny Cen, Marja Carrillo, Isa DeMarco
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